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Esquif Blast Outfitting

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From left to right, the removable bow saddle (held down by the purple strap), the extra wide solo saddle (glued in with contact cement), and the stern saddle (also glued in).  When paddling this boat solo, simply stow the bow saddle under the bow float bag.  This gives the paddler more cockpit space.  Paddle this boat until you find a willing partner and take 1 minute to install the bow saddle with the straps!

Another angle…

Here is a close up of the solo setup.  You can see the Northwater toe blocks, which have 5 settings for adjustability.  The saddle was glued to become larger, then carved with a bread knife, rasp then sandpaper.  This makes for a comfortable seat during the flat paddling sections.   There are 5 Northwater anchors installed as well.  This was done by pre-sanding the canoe, then cleaning the area with isopropyl alcohol, applying vinyl adhesive, and then holding the bond tight for a while.  Generous knee foam blocks were installed with simple sticky back peel-offs.

A close view of the bow saddle with the purple straps threaded thru the Northwater cam anchors.  This saddle butts up against the middle saddle for some more friction.

I drilled a hole in the saddle with a long bit, threaded this re-used (no more buckle) strap thru the hole and added a cheap clip.  Once hooked in it is reasonably solid.