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Canoe Canal Flood '19

Canoe Canal at Flood

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This Spring (2019) we had quite a downpour. Rains that lasted for days and days led to the swelling of the watershed. We decided to paddle the canal when it was at it’s highest. Now it wasn’t too high at the top, as the Canoe Canal has an intake that can only allow so much water to come in at one time. But lower down after many little tributaries added some flow the park was underwater! Take a look….. Turtle Pond at Flood Previous rental location is 4 feet below here!

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Gallery from Winter '17-'18

“Off” season gallery from a Winter of paddling.

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It’s been a productive Winter on the water.  We’ve had some memorable days and are now ready to provide an easy rental experience for you! Please contact us if you would like to be involved with our cleanup efforts.  Volunteers are needed and appreciated! An icy start to a Trashy Tuesday in December. Working the banks. Putting on double gloves for warmth and safety Heinous riverside trashy camp Pile of garbage ready to go far away from the river. Beltline takeout pile of trash. Paddle in the Pool with Willamalane! Coast Fork Scouting Tour Long Tom River Scouting Tour Siuslaw River Scouting Tour McKenzie River Scouting Tour

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Paddlers getting ready to race.

Willamette River Festival 2017

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This year we had the first Eugene River Festival featuring an up the Canal and Down the River race.  It was well attended by many paddlers and curious youth!  There were free canoe rides, raffle prizes and quite a race!  The festival started off with a special introduction by the Whilamut tribe elders including some beautiful drumming.  Thanks to all who helped make this such a special event!  We  look forward to next year… Action photo of paddlers shooting through Autzen footbridge rapids. 7 people on the Catacanoe.

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What a season!

Last day of the season, 2017

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Hard to believe that another fun Summer has come and gone.  Thanks to you all so much for joining us at the one of a kind Canoe Canal.  It’s been a great season.  Here are some photos to share from 2017. Thank you Sluggo for wearing your lifevest! More trash hauled out during a cleanup. Coyote Creek Tour Having fun on the Siltcoos River :) Scouting Blue River Reservoir

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Kayaking around Crete

Crete Cyclo ’16

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First Post – Crete Cyclo The sun is setting from Matala Beach in Europe’s southernmost locale, Crete.   Paximadia are the islands you see here and we will be heading West in their general direction tomorrow morning.  Our goal is to make the long journey around the island over the next month.  4 of us; Eric, William, Chris and I (Ryan) have been planning and gearing up for the past few months with excitment for this moment. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and should offer 420 miles of beautiful coastline.  Having a reputation as a playground for the Gods it is now a lovely tourist attraction for travellers.  Due to its large size and tempermental seas we will paddle with caution and respect. Our starting point and hopeful finish is in Matala which is located in the center of the Southern shore. Matala has a long history as a…

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Running the riffles.

River tour leads to kayak purchase.

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“Just thought I’d share real quick that you turned us into river lovers! Within 3 weeks of our trip we were kayak owners.   In that time we turned my mom on to it, and two of her friends,  my husband’s sister and brother in law.”  M.C.W. A sit-on-top kayak going through some swiftwater! So fast it's blurry :)

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Woahink Lake paddlers.

Woahink Lake Tour July 2015

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Woahink Lake is reasonably close to Eugene and had a lot of nice features.  We launched from the free boat ramp at East Woahink Landing.  From there you can paddle up a few different fingers or South out into the main part of the lake.  We love the many sandy beaches that can be found along the way for a nice pit stop! Interestingly, this lake is about 75 deep at it's deepest. This puts the bottommost part of the lake about 35 feet below sea level! Salamanders are a common coastal companion. Kayaker absorbing the forested shoreline

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Early risers rewarded with glassy waters.

Tahkenitch Lake Tour June 2015

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Paddling on the coastal lakes can be a windy affair.  Usually the wind speed pick up as the day warms up. So an early start is usually the best idea.  Tahkenitch Lake is a great location to paddle because it has many “fingers” that create a variety of sheltered paddling options. Old railroad trestles are interesting to check out. It's name according to Wikipedia means "having arms running out like a crab". Railroad trestle across the Five Mile Arm. At the top of the “North Arm” of the lake. Log Cluster at the North Arm complete with hornet nests!

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Hide and seek among the weeping willow.

Girl Scout 20311 paddling tour!

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This Eugene Girl Scout Troop had a great time last evening paddling in the Canoe Canal.  We had 7 canoes out and enjoyed the evening hours on the water.  We saw Great Blue Heron, Geese and Ducks.  What a great group to share the experience with!  Thanks for paddling with us, we look forward to the next time…. Waterfowl up close :) Evening light while on the water. Here are a couple of comments from the troop leaders.. "The girls really had a great time. I was so impressed with them when it came time to portage the canoes. This was a great experience. I saw a very confident group of canoers. The girls surpassed my expectations. Thank you for this great trip. We will definitely think of you again. Perhaps we can try canoeing some other water way?" "Thank you Ryan for having us canoe with you guys I think…

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Green Island Map

Willamette River Tour August 2014

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Tuesday August 26th 2014 was a scorcher, with heat in the mid 90’s.  So a group of us took to the river.  From Whitely Landing we paddled up the small side channel and made our way to the main flow of the river.  From there we paddled downstream and enjoyed the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers.  What a magical place!  After floating down a bit more we turned left and went up the side channel again back to the put in spot at Whitely.  This made for an adventurous loop requiring no shuttle!  Here are some pictures that show us working our way up the shallow side channel.  We used a small piece of line attached to the bow grab loop to haul our kayaks up the most shallow sections.  There are about 6 places where we had to get out and do this because you simply can’t paddle…

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