Private Paddling Instruction

If you want to learn the essentials quickly and in a custom setting try a private lesson!  This will give YOU the opportunity to choose the skills you’d like to work on.  Anything from stroke refinement, to swimming a rapid!  Tell us what to teach you….

We offer 1 on 1 lessons, or semi-private lessons for up to four people.

Let’s work on flatwater canoe, whitewater canoe, river kayak, sea kayak, or SUP!

Guides are certified by the ACA or American Canoe Association      

Rates are..  All gear is included…

$50 per hour for a private 1 person lesson

$75 per hour for a semi-private.  lesson 2 people

$90 per hour for a semi-private lesson 3 people

$100 per hour for a semi-private lesson 4 people