There are two options for where you can park. Our location is not visible from any road, we are on the interior of the park so it’s a short walk to get to us!

First Option: Science Center / Cuthbert parking lot.  Located on Leo Harris parkway.  Free parking.  No restrooms! 

Walking Map at this link for first parking option!

Park at the West side of the lot and look for the artistic, white metal arch (photo below).  Walk under this arch and then across the footbridge as if you were going to a concert.  When you are on the footbridge, look too the right / downstream and you will see us.

Second Option: Alton Baker Park main entrance.  Free parking.  Restroom access. A slightly longer walk to our location, about 5 minutes.  To find us walk on Pre’s running trail, the bark -a- mulch pathway accessible from the parking lot.

Walking Map at this link for second parking option!

We will be set up where the red icon is on the map below.

Type “Hays Tree Garden” into Google Maps and we are on the water’s edge right there.