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The yellow kayak icon on the interactive map is our only rental location.  It’s very close to Cuthbert Ampitheter.  Parking can be in the Cuthbert parking lot or at the main entrance to Alton Baker Park.  There are restrooms at Alton Baker but not at Cuthbert.

Type “Hays Tree Garden” into Google Maps and we are right there.

The Canoe Canal is 2+ miles in length and is a great venue for flatwater paddling!  Notice the winding waterway (Canoe Canal) which takes it’s water from the Mighty Willamette River.  The Canal water rejoins the river just below the two large ponds, and just above the Ferry street bridge.  There are three portage locations…. the ford and two dams.  Here you will have to get out of your boat and carry it a short distance to the next section of water.