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The more the merrier.

Impromptu Catacanoe

This clever group of students from Kelly Middle School came up with a simple way of making a catacanoe!  They slipped the shoelaces off of their soggy sneakers and tied the two boats together.  With a very stable craft they were able to have a whole lotta fun! This photo was taken on Agency Lake in the Wood River watershed. Here are a couple of other pics from the beautiful Wood River watershed…. Wood River

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Stand Up Paddleboaring at Alton Baker Park

Its been a lot of fun playing around on the SUPs at Alton Baker Park.  The “Canoe Canal” is such a great flat water paddling location.  Work on your SUP Yoga or explore over 2 miles of calm waterways.  We charge $15 per hour to rent a SUP.  We provide you with a quality paddle and life jacket to enhance your experience.  Enjoy….. You may have to duck to get under a low branch :) Heading out on a canal tour. Family of 4 Supping in ABP Headstand on a paddleboard!

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Tandem kayak with Prijon sail.

Sailing Kayak

This is a shot from the Libyian Sea!  This is a tandem or two person kayak rigged up with a sail.  The person in front stows their paddle and manages the sail, while the paddler in the back (stern) can paddle and works the rudder to steer the boat.  A great way to make it to your next Raki shot….. You can see behind the kayak, on the left, the Aradena Gorge splitting the land.  This is in the Sfakian region of Crete.  A land so rugged and offering many gorges to hike and explore.  Historically, the Sfakian people have held close to their land and fought many resistance battles.  Knowing the remote and rugged terrain has helped them keep their beloved land firmly in their grips!

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Sailing on the Willamette River.

Sailing Canoe

I recently came across this photo of a canoe sailing up the Willamette River!  This rig not only looks beautiful on the water, but works so well you don’t need to shuttle a vehicle or bicycle.  I suppose that you could sail up the river then float back down with the current. Notice the outriggers to help prevent capsizing.

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Half the paddle, twice the fun!


This is a Dagger Atom C-1.  It is basically a river kayak that has a foam saddle inside of it where you might expect there to be a seat.  So the paddler is actually on his/her knees, not their butt.  As you might have guessed this has advantages and disadvantages.  In a C-1 you are higher up in your boat and have better vision of your surroundings.  Also, you have more leverage with your paddle stroke.  The challenge lies in the fact that you are paddling with a canoe paddle and are sacrificing a blade.  Another canoe outfitting concept! This photo is taken at the bottom of Martin's Rapids on the McKenzie river.

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Catacanoe: a boat full of potential!


Catacanoe on the Willamette River. There’s no better way to share in the experience of paddling then on a catacanoe.  This craft is steady and comfortable, yet easy to maneuver.  The best part is being in the same boat as the rest of your friends.  We have often floated along some nice waterway with a gang of six people on this boat! This one easily comes together with 8 bolts. The 2 canoes can be separated for individual use. The deck folds up nicely and doesn't take up much room for storage. A catacanoe may be the only way for certain people to feel stable on the water. It's also a great platform to fish from and even collect garbage from while cleaning up your local waterway! 6 people on the Catacanoe! After a big cleanup.

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