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Creating a custom saddle system for open canoeing.

Triple saddle in an open canoe

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A triple saddle can be very advantageous in the right boat.  It allows you to paddle the canoe solo by sitting in the middle, or tandem by sitting in the bow and stern.  These photos show a Blue Hole Sunburst that is around 14 1/2 feet long.  Anything larger would be a chore to paddle solo and too much smaller would be a squeeze for two people.   All saddles make for a comfortable and high performance seat.  This example shows a system that features a removable front saddle, one that is clipped and strapped in.  You can easily take the front saddle out for the solo setup and then have more room and workspace in front of you.  See the Esquif Blast Triple Saddle Post HERE! This is nice for bailing water out, as well you will then still have space to lean forward to set up for a roll or just to hang out and breathe underwater!  If you look at the photo closely you can see that the foot pegs for the middle saddle would get in the way of the knees for the stern paddler.  It’s not hard to slide them off towards the stern.  When paddling solo I like to leave the bow saddle in the boat, under the float bags, in case I find a partner who wants to join forces!

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