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Canoe Canal Appreciation Week – CCAW 2020!

This week panned out to be a perfect one for getting some long awaited maintenance done. As you may know, the 2 1/2 mile waterway is a lot to cover, so we try to appreciate it a bit at a time.

Monday – Putting in at the D Street boat ramp in Springfield, I paddled upstream to the large eddy that is just above the Canoe Canal intake. It was full of garbage and driftwood. I spent an hour in the eddy breaking up the wood which freed up the trash to be able to pick it up. Additionally, I located a shopping cart in the middle of the river that will likely stay there until we can organize and get a group to remove it.

Eddy 50 yards above D. street ramp. Before

Tuesday – Paddling the Lower Waterway of the Canoe Canal to assess the needed attention. Now that we have moved our rental location above the Lower Waterway we have been focusing on the health and beauty of what’s above. It feels like our lack of attention to the lowest section of the waterway has come at a cost. I paddled the area for the first time this season and learned that it is in desperate need of help. There is a lot of trash, and a number of spots where unhealthy scum is collecting. The algae bloom is not helping because it collects these items and scum.

This photo is from a 2016 cleanup

Wednesday – Today was a hot one. So getting on the water early was the strategy. First off I filmed a video showing off some basic tools for cleaning up a waterway. Here’s the link

After 2 hours collecting small items I got back to shore and took inventory. It turns out that I collected 55 socks that were underwater! 15 tennis balls of various states of decay, broken glass, rusted tin, and other nasties.

55 socks and more on Sept. 2nd 2020

Thursday – One of the unique features of the canal is the dam. People portage boats around the dam quite often. I added the 7th, 8th and 9th bucket of gravel to the sink hole. This is to improve the footing while carrying boats. It’s right next to the water and now it is easier to launch a boat. Additionally, I spent time with the picky-uppy tool and collected a pellet bag worth of trash. Mostly styrofoam bait containers, broken glass, and a few lonely sandals.

The sinkhole with 9 buckets of gravel.

Friday – Focusing on the removal of Himalayan Blackberry plants on shore. At our new rental location there used to be an abundance of blackberry plants. Spending down time trimming and digging these out created this pretty large pile. It’s leather glove work that has some challenge involved. Now the native Ash and Willow trees and snowberry bushes are free of the invaders. We first noticed this spot as a potential rental location in 2016 when we cleaned up the trash pile left by a camper. Now the dream has become a reality. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Pile of blackberry trimmings today!
Photo from 2016 when we first thought of the idea of renting canoes from this location…
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Looking Glass Cleans up the Canoe Canal.

Thanks to the generous volunteers from the Center Point school our local waterway is looking much nicer. Having paddled at the Canoe Canal as part of a Summer program for many years the Navigators took it upon themselves to help cleanup! To them it just made sense to look after the well being of the local ecosystem by removing plastics, cardboard and many other items. It was a treasure hunt of sorts as we removed many bags worth of stuff! We supplied the Catacanoe for hauling off the bulk of the materials including a car tire! This was a much appreciated effort that has become an annual focus of their Summer paddling season. Thank you so much to the Navigators!

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Earth Week Cleanup!

If you want to feel good about where you live, then cleaning up is a nice way to accomplish that. On Saturday we assisted with the Willamette Riverkeepers is picking up garbage along the banks of the section from Valley River Center down to the Beltine bridge. Don’t worry, we didn’t get all of it, so you can join on the next cleanup if you want to feel good too!

Boats filling up with garbage…
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Fall Cleanup 2016

We had a cloudy Sunday morning turn into a sunny day for Eugene.  Thanks to those who volunteered their time to help with the cleanup.  Check out the photos to see some of the goodies that we were able to pull out of the Canoe Canal this time.  We did a before and after with the Catacanoe.



Among the pile were many tires, a recliner, a vacuum from the 70’s and countless little pieces.

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Canoe Canal Cleanup Last Day of July

This is just one of the 5 Canoes that went out and collected bits of garbage from the waterway… ¬†The shopping cart is loaded with a t.v. panel. ¬†Cleanup on Aisle 5


This canoe could cash$ in at Schnitzer!

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Kayak Bicycle Trailer

We had a local paddler come down to the Canoe Canal the other day and load up his kayak onto his custom made bicycle trailer.  This is such a great human powered way to go boating. Kudos to this gentleman for keeping out air cleaner by pedaling and not polluting!


Loading the kayak onto the trailer.


Now that’s 4 wheel drive!

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Catacanoe cleanup with the City of Eugene

This cleanup was a special one because the catacanoe was involved. ¬†This superior craft designed by Wally Wallberg, has the ability to support paddlers while they haul out the big stuff from underwater! ¬†Check out the inventory of garbage that was hauled out. ¬†In all we had 15 people and 9 boats out on the Canoe Canal pulling out all kinds of stuff. ¬†Inventory below the image….



4 Tires

1/2 Barrell 50 Gallon

Full Lamp with post

3 Traffic Cones

Cigarette Butt Disposer


Large Planters

Chez Lounge

And many other treasures.. ¬†ūüôā








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Canoe Canal Cleanup July 2014!

July was a great month for the Canoe Canal at Alton Baker Park in Eugene.  Many happy paddlers are getting to know this lovely waterway for the first time.  Others just keep coming back for more nature, exercise and  fun.  We had some volunteers come down on Saturday the 26th to help cleanup the canal.  Thanks to all who gave their efforts on this needed task, and of course to the City of Eugene for providing many tools and hauling away the garbage.  One of our biggest challenges was trying to haul out the tractor sized tire.  We were only able to ferry it over to shore.  Later we hauled it from shore up to the truck with the help of a long rope and some muscle.  Here are some images of the hard work and fun!

Canal Cleanup 2014 (4) Canal Cleanup 2014 Canal Cleanup 2014 (2) Canal cleanup 2014 (3)

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August Canal Cleanup 2013

Working together with the City of Eugene we were able to haul quite a bit of trash out of the Canoe Canal.  We focused on the section of the canal that flows behind Cuthbert Ampitheater.



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SUP Cleanup July 2013

The Emotion Traverse is a stable Stand Up Paddleboard, and it has a storage hatch to put all kinds of stuff into.  Including nasty canal trash!  By the time this SUP got back it was full of various trash or treasures?

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