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Waterway appreciation.

CCAW – Canoe Canal Appreciation Week

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This week panned out to be a perfect one for getting some long awaited maintenance done. As you may know, the 2 1/2 mile waterway is a lot to cover, so we try to appreciate it a bit at a time. Monday – Putting in at the D Street boat ramp in Springfield there is a large eddy about 30 yards upstream. It is is just above the Canoe Canal intake. It had plenty of garbage to pick out, driftwood and a pretty large, dead fish. Paddling in a canoe made it a fun challenge to break up the wood. This freed up the trash to be able to pick it up. Sandals, bottles, the usual inventory, but today there was a nice quality, Extrasport PFD. Sometimes it pays to do the right thing! Additionally, there is a shopping cart in the middle of the river that will likely stay there until…

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Many helpful volunteers.

Looking Glass cleans up the Canoe Canal!

Thanks to the generous volunteers from the Center Point school our local waterway is looking much nicer. Having paddled at the Canoe Canal as part of a Summer program for many years the Navigators took it upon themselves to help cleanup! To them it just made sense to look after the well being of the local ecosystem by removing plastics, cardboard and many other items. It was a treasure hunt of sorts as we removed many bags worth of stuff! We supplied the Catacanoe for hauling off the bulk of the materials including a car tire! This was a much appreciated effort that has become an annual focus of their Summer paddling season. Thank you so much to the Navigators! The catacanoe on it's way out Paddling along while hunting for garbage. Numerous canoes on the job!

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Spring for your River!

Earth Week Cleanup 2019!

If you want to feel good about where you live, then cleaning up is a nice way to accomplish that. On Saturday we assisted with the Willamette Riverkeepers is picking up garbage along the banks of the section from Valley River Center down to the Beltine bridge. Don’t worry, we didn’t get all of it, so you can join on the next cleanup if you want to feel good too! Boats filling up with garbage.

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2nd Tuesday of every month!

Trashy Tuesdays with Willamette Riverkeepers

Every Second Tuesday the Willamette Riverkeepers organizes the logistics behind a large operation on the river.  There is a huge amount of garbage along the shores of Eugene’s section of the Willamette River.  It’s a reoccurring layer of riverside trash!  The Riverkeepers  do an amazing job attempting to keep up with the volume of garbage.  The goal is to have a pristine waterway with clean water and biodivesity.  Please consider joining the volunteer effort and contact us about trying out a Trashy Tuesday and chipping in for a clean waterway! Gearing Up for Trashy Tuesday Huge pile of trash at the halfway point. Homeless camp garbage. This volume of garbage needs large watercraft such as the driftboats and rafts that dedicated volunteers provide to haul it off.  Once we make a drop we call the City of Eugene and they have their work crews come and load it up and take…

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How do we value a tree?

Ice Storm takes out a lovely tree.

We have had such a great experience running the rental operations under the shade of an oak tree.  It’s been 7 summers with the lavish coverage making the hot days reasonable.   Unfortunately, last winter the tree split in two during the ice storm.  Half of the tree split and fell to the ground. The City of Eugene needed to remove it at that point. Now there is a very large open space where the stump lies. Many of you and we enjoyed the charm, habitat and shade provided by that tree, and now things are different… The first photo was taken last season and the second photo was taken this last weekend. Gearing up for a tour under the shade of the red oak. Paddlers under the tree. Only a stump survives :(

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Hauling in the underwater rubbish.

Fall Cleanup Sept. 2016

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We had a cloudy Sunday morning turn into a sunny day for Eugene.  Thanks to those who volunteered their time to help with the cleanup.  Check out the photos to see some of the goodies that we were able to pull out of the Canoe Canal this time.  We did a before and after with the Catacanoe. Catacanoe before. Catacanoe After Among the pile were many tires, a recliner, a vacuum from the 70’s and countless little pieces. Close up of the haul.

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Teaming up to make a difference.

Canal Cleanup July 2015

5 Canoes went out and collected bits of garbage from the waterway…  It was a nice sunny morning which allows us to see underwater to locate the goods. Thanks to the dedicated volunteers who helped cleanup the Canoe Canal today! The shopping cart is loaded with a t.v. panel.  Cleanup on Aisle 5! This canoe could cash$ in at Schnitzer! Local news service seemed impressed with the catacanoe and it's haul!

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Relishing in the muck.

Catacanoe cleanup with COE, Sept. 2014

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This cleanup was a special one because the catacanoe was involved.  This superior craft designed by Wally Wallberg, has the ability to support paddlers while they haul out the big stuff from underwater!  Check out the inventory of garbage that was hauled out.  In all we had 15 people and 9 boats out on the Canoe Canal pulling out all kinds of stuff.  Inventory below the image…. Catacanoe sacrificing itself for the greater good! 4 Tires 1/2 Barrell 50 Gallon Full Lamp with post 3 Traffic Cones Cigarette Butt Disposer GlassHookah Large Planters Chez Lounge And many other treasures..  ? More goodies including a hookah. Transferring large items to the catacanoe.

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Cleanup crew, coming through!

Canoe Canal Cleanup July 2014

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July was a great month for the Canoe Canal at Alton Baker Park in Eugene.  Many happy paddlers are getting to know this lovely waterway for the first time.  Others just keep coming back for more nature, exercise and  fun.  We had some volunteers come down on Saturday the 26th to help cleanup the canal.  Thanks to all who gave their efforts on this needed task, and of course to the City of Eugene for providing many tools and hauling away the garbage.  One of our biggest challenges was trying to haul out the tractor sized tire.  We were only able to ferry it over to shore.  Later we hauled it from shore up to the truck with the help of a long rope and some muscle.  Here are some images of the hard work and fun! Tractor tire tied off to hoist it out. Lookin' good while gettin' dirty. Artistic shot…

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