This is where we offer hourly rentals. Our location is right on the water’s edge. Quite possibly the most interesting paddle in Lane County is the 2 1/2 mile long Canoe Canal.  Located in the heart of Eugene this waterway is convenient with many ways to access the water.  It is located within Alton Baker Park, Eastgate Woodlands and Whilamut Natural Area.  These parks all combine to protect the land making for great wildlife habitat.  The canal is very beginner friendly as it offers a sheltered paddling experience.  Come experience it for yourself.

From our put-in location (red icon on the map) people paddle upstream/East to begin their tour. The current is so light that it’s not difficult to paddle up. After about 20 minutes there is a portage. This is where people get out and carry the boat for about 20 yards to get above the small dam. From there the waterway continues for quite a distance (approximately a mile and a quarter) all the way up to I-5 where there is another dam. I-5 is off the map you see here. At this point the majority of groups choose to turn around and paddle back downstream to the put-in location.

The Canoe Canal a great venue for flatwater paddling flowing within Eugene’s largest park.  Notice the winding waterway (East to West) which takes its water from the Mighty Willamette River.  The Canal water rejoins the river just below the two large ponds, and just above the Ferry street bridge. 

For the ambitious paddler with their own boat a tour can begin at the large duck pond and go all the way to the top. For such a tour there are three portage locations…. the culvert and two dams.  At these places you will have to get out of your boat and carry it a short distance to the next section of water. If you make it all the way to the Whilamut Passage Bridge (I-5) you will be rewarded with an amazing canoe mural. It depicts the local Kalapuya Native Americans skillfully navigating the rapids of the Willamette River. Photos below…