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Ankle support for C-1

Foam Ankle Supports for C-1

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Anyone who has spent time in a C-1 knows that a bit of extra comfort can go a long way.   Using minicell foam and a few basic tools, these ankle supports can be created.  The tools used for this are a saw to cut the blocks to size.  A rasp to create a bit of a contour in the foam.  Some sandpaper to clean up the foam.   Contact cement works well for the adhesion.  I like to use a respirator when working with the contact cement.

Tools for the custom job.

Once you have the supports made to your liking, place them in the boat and get in it to see where to place them.  Use a pencil to mark the right spot for your body.

These block greatly improved my comfort level in this boat.

Here’s the finished product before the glue-in.

Close up on the shaping.