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Tandem kayak with Prijon sail.

Sailing Kayak

This is a shot from the Libyian Sea!  This is a tandem or two person kayak rigged up with a sail.  The person in front stows their paddle and manages the sail, while the paddler in the back (stern) can paddle and works the rudder to steer the boat.  A great way to make it to your next Raki shot…..

You can see behind the kayak, on the left, the Aradena Gorge splitting the land.  This is in the Sfakian region of Crete.  A land so rugged and offering many gorges to hike and explore.  Historically, the Sfakian people have held close to their land and fought many resistance battles.  Knowing the remote and rugged terrain has helped them keep their beloved land firmly in their grips!