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Here are many of the materials you might need to outfit your open canoe for running rivers.  Notice the vinyl D-Ring anchors with Vinyl adhesive, plastic deck eye loops (black) with rivets, and parachute cord.  These items, once installed, will give you a way to secure floatation bags for water displacement and have a means to install thigh straps.


Making your boat comfortable and customized to your body makes you a happier paddler.  If you plan on spending a decent amount of time in your boat then the time put in to outfitting pays off quickly.  Minicell foam is a great way to improve comfort and performance.  This can be glued to boats of many different materials.  Usually contact cement work fine for most materials.  The photo above shows an ideal way to cut it….on a bandsaw.  You can also use a breadknife or saw.


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