Ryan Allen  (C.E.O. Canoeing Every Opportunity)

I’m a Duck Graduate with a  Geography degree.  My first paddling experience came in a great Kayaking 101 class at the University in 1996.  We paddled up the Canoe Canal and down the swift Willamette River.  That first experience opened my eyes to the beauty and challenge of paddling in nature.  Since then I’ve enjoyed many different types of boats.  As well I’ve been able to travel by paddle in a variety of places.  The logistical aspect of outfitting other people and helping them learn to paddle has been my favorite part of the whole experience.


 Vanessa Wells Horner   (V – Slick)

When I moved to Oregon from Kansas in 2004, the local beauty and waterways immediately caught my attention. I took a river guiding course which enhanced my attention to safety and showed me some of the wildest, most scenic areas of our beautiful state. I now paddle every chance I get and love being a part of the Northwest Canoe Tour team.

Elin Raybun

I moved up to the Pacific Northwest in 2006 from the Southwest with my son Calvin. I immediately fell in love with what Oregon’s natural settings had to offer. Being a nature enthusiast, I picked up paddling with the crew at Northwest Canoe Tour! I discovered a new way of adventuring the beauty of Oregon. I enjoy helping bring this joy to others by encouraging getting out on the waterways and exploring.


Mark McCaffery

I grew up negotiating New England’s waterways by boat with family and friends, and I’m grateful to share the enchantment of Oregon’s passages with the NW Canoe Tour Team. The combination of boat + people can sometimes propel us to discovery. I hope to help all enthusiasts paddle into their own discoveries.