COVID-19 and Canoeing

The pandemic has brought drastic change to the paddlesports industry. In the past a canoe livery was a gathering place for people to get outfitted, watch other paddlers going to and fro, pour over maps and handle the various gear. As gathering in groups has now become a safety issue, it has become necessary to approach all aspects of paddling in a more strategic manner.

Due to the phase 1 opening of Oregon, our rental outfit qualified to get our permit from the City of Eugene. Operating in Alton Baker Park along the Canoe Canal for 10 years we thought we had things wired! However, with safety at the forefront of our minds we have made several changes to the way our rental process works. Below we list the steps we have taken to make paddling at the Canoe Canal as safe as possible…and still really fun!

It is impossible to guarantee that exposure to COVID-19 will not occur at our Canoe Rental location.

  1. NEW LOCATION! We are excited to set up farther up the canal, just above the first portage. This location is very strategic as it is more off the beaten path. It also let’s paddlers potentially access the higher reaches of the 2 1/2 mile long waterway, while skipping a portage. Click the word “DIRECTIONS” for a link to a map.
  2. Pre-Reservations will be required to schedule a two hour minimum time slot. Call or email to book the boat(s) of your choice for the time you want. This allows us to have the launching area clear of other folks when you arrive to get geared up.
  3. Stop and consider if you have any symptoms of the coronavirus. If so, we ask you to not participate and offer a full refund of any pre-payment. We also ask people to practice social distancing while in the canoe rental area and support the wearing of masks.
  4. A disinfecting process based on the latest industry standards for all of the gear. We have been monitoring emerging research on the COVID-19 virus to assure that all rental items are safe. Boats, paddles and life jackets will receive a thorough wipe down with a bleach based solution.
  5. Organization/Process. We need to work together to ensure everyone’s safety! Our plan is to have the boat(s) you reserved lined up close to the water with paddles inside. Everything will be disinfected ahead of your arrival. When you arrive please keep your group among yourselves. Sign the Assumption of Risk form if you didn’t bring it already filled out. Our staff will then walk you through the process of getting a life jacket properly fitted, sealing up your drybag and getting a map. All of this from a distance!
  6. Contactless payment. We have invested in the Square NFC card reader allowing you to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay and chip cards. Or prepay with Paypal on our website. Click the word “Reservation” for a link to the page.
  7. Contact tracing strategy. In the event that we need to participate in a contact tracing study, we will. Our plan in anticipating this is to keep detailed records of all participant names and phone numbers. Please be comfortable that this information will be treated with the utmost security and never given to any third party.