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Eugene River Festival

This year we had the first Eugene River Festival featuring an up the Canal and Down the River race.  It was well attended by many paddlers and curious youth!  There were free canoe rides, raffle prizes and quite a race!  The festival started off with a special introduction by the Whilamut tribe elders including some beautiful drumming.  Thanks to all who helped make this such a special event!  We  look forward to next year…


Paddlers in the 2nd heat get ready to begin the race.

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Madison Middle School paddling!

Yesterday we enjoyed paddling with the 7th grade class of Madison Middle School at Triangle Lake.  With over 80 paddlers in some Spring weather conditions, it was a fantastic time.  Here are a few images to share from the day.

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Triangle Lake with Madison Middle School 6/3/2013

On Monday we had amazing weather to go for a nice tour along the shoreline of Triangle Lake.  From the beach on the South East side of the lake we paddled to the outlet, where the lake turns to Lake Creek.  Close to 80 paddlers got to paddle a canoe along this route.  After the fog lifted off of the lake we got to enjoy sunshine and weather in the high 70’s.



Thanks to the kids at Madison Middle School for being such a great group of eager paddlers!



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Sizzling on the SUPs

100 degree weather didn’t stop this family from having some fun on the Stand Up Paddleboards!  Check out how they have 4 people on 3 boards!!!


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Enjoy a nice day on the water….

This is as good as it gets for nice flatwater paddling.  Plenty of excellent bird watching to go with the calm waters….



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U of O Graduation Weekend

Thanks to all who came out for a paddle during grad weekend!  Here is a group of 5 recent graduates who shared the big green canoe for a float on the lovely canal!

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Family Fun


This photo was taken of another paddler on the Wolf River in Wisconsin.  He was a friendly Dad taking his kid out for an experience in nature.  The two were a great partnership and simply enjoying the day doing what they love to do!






Last season I had this energetic family of 7 come down to the rental site in Alton Baker Park.  They spent a couple of hours trying out  many different boats.  It was great because they got the feel of paddling a canoe, kayak and SUP.  A lot of learning was going on and a bit of swimming too!   A day spent outside will always lead to unforgettable memories.

Notice the Dad paddling with his daughter on on the front of the Stand Up Paddleboard!!!!







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There’s no better way to share in the experience of paddling, then on a catacanoe.  This craft is steady and comfortable, yet easy to maneuver.  The best part is sharing the experience with the rest of your friends.  We have often floated along some nice waterway with a gang of six people on this boat!


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Willamette River Canoe Camp w/ Blackberries



Paddling the Willamette River below Eugene can be very rewarding.  Especially during the blackberry season, when the banks are full of the sweet and juicy morsels.  On a recent trip from Alton Baker Park to Harrisburg we did some picking, taking care not to get pricked too badly.




Once our bucket was full enough, we continued downstream through the swift current and eventually made it to our camp site, one of many lovely cobble bars.








The next morning we went decided to make some blackberry pancakes.


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