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2nd Tuesday of every month!

Trashy Tuesdays with Willamette Riverkeepers

Every Second Tuesday the Willamette Riverkeepers organizes the logistics behind a large operation on the river.  There is a huge amount of garbage along the shores of Eugene’s section of the Willamette River.  It’s a reoccurring layer of riverside trash!  The Riverkeepers  do an amazing job attempting to keep up with the volume of garbage.  The goal is to have a pristine waterway with clean water and biodivesity.  Please consider joining the volunteer effort and contact us about trying out a Trashy Tuesday and chipping in for a clean waterway!

Gearing Up for Trashy Tuesday
Huge pile of trash at the halfway point.

Homeless camp garbage.

This volume of garbage needs large watercraft such as the driftboats and rafts that dedicated volunteers provide to haul it off.  Once we make a drop we call the City of Eugene and they have their work crews come and load it up and take it away for good.  Click the logo below to view the Willamette Riverkeepers website…