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Heat Gun Canoe Repair

Using Patch-n-Protect to repair canoes.

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This is a great material to work with.  A pair of scissors will trim to desired shape.  Use a heat gun to warm it up so that it becomes pliable.  Peel off plastic film to reveal the sticky back surface. Apply the patch and massage into the repair zone with a leather glove.  Heat and rub it in cautiously to finish.  Or course you want to have the surface clean for best results.

Vinyl Gunwale Avulsion
Finished result with the thinner Patch N Repair material.
Tools needed

This Wenonah Champlain canoe needed some vinyl repair and now it’s sealed nicely.  It will surely get more years of use now that this ugly damage has been patched.  This is a quick and easy repair to do.

This Bell Yellowstone canoe was wearing a bit thin before adding Patch N Protect.

Looking much more protected.

If you are interested in ordering you can from the web link below.

Patch n Protect