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Relishing in the muck.

Catacanoe cleanup with COE, Sept. 2014

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This cleanup was a special one because the catacanoe was involved.  This superior craft designed by Wally Wallberg, has the ability to support paddlers while they haul out the big stuff from underwater!  Check out the inventory of garbage that was hauled out.  In all we had 15 people and 9 boats out on the Canoe Canal pulling out all kinds of stuff.  Inventory below the image….

Catacanoe sacrificing itself for the greater good!

4 Tires

1/2 Barrell 50 Gallon

Full Lamp with post

3 Traffic Cones

Cigarette Butt Disposer


Large Planters

Chez Lounge

And many other treasures..  ?

More goodies including a hookah.
Transferring large items to the catacanoe.