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Cleanup crew, coming through!

Canoe Canal Cleanup July 2014

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July was a great month for the Canoe Canal at Alton Baker Park in Eugene.  Many happy paddlers are getting to know this lovely waterway for the first time.  Others just keep coming back for more nature, exercise and  fun.  We had some volunteers come down on Saturday the 26th to help cleanup the canal.  Thanks to all who gave their efforts on this needed task, and of course to the City of Eugene for providing many tools and hauling away the garbage.  One of our biggest challenges was trying to haul out the tractor sized tire.  We were only able to ferry it over to shore.  Later we hauled it from shore up to the truck with the help of a long rope and some muscle.  Here are some images of the hard work and fun!

Tractor tire tied off to hoist it out.
Lookin’ good while gettin’ dirty.
Artistic shot while volunteering.
Large Tire