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August Canal Cleanup 2013

Working together with the City of Eugene we were able to haul quite a bit of trash out of the Canoe Canal.  We focused on the section of the canal that flows behind Cuthbert Ampitheater.



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Siltcoos River 8th of August

Today the high temperature in Eugene area was 93!  Out on Siltcoos River, it was much cooler and quite beautiful as well.  We saw a Bald Eagle and an Osprey, many Kingfishers, Great Blue Heron, Doves, and on and on…


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Siltcoos River 23rd of July 2013

On a day that reached 96 degrees in the Eugene area , we had a blast out on the coast while paddling the Siltcoos.  This time we had the tides on our side, to help us glide to the ocean.  At one point along the way we enjoyed a run down a dune into the water!  We still have 2 dates left for this 4 hour paddle!  August 6th (Tuesday) and August 31st (Saturday).

Wildwood Falls 076

Wildwood Falls 071 Wildwood Falls 066 Wildwood Falls 064 Wildwood Falls 065 Wildwood Falls 062

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