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Featured Paddling Destination – Amalfi Coast, ITALY

When you think of Italy, what comes to mind? Great food, ancient culture, superb football?  How about beautiful coastline and paddling?  Down on the Amalfi coast, a surprise awaits for paddlers of all skill levels.  There are many caves, inlets and pinnacles to explore.  The island of Capri is fascinating from the water!  As well, keep in mind that paddling has been around in Italy for many years too!
















It’s the coastline of a thousand arches.  And while there are more boats in the water getting around from place to place, there is plenty of space on the Tyrrhenian Sea.  At the far end of this photo you can just make out the Galli islands.  This is where the Sirens were thought to have been awaiting a lonely sailor…..















In the town of Amalfi they hold an occasional Kayak Polo tournament, we were lucky enough to watch some of the live action with the locals.  Take a look at the boats they use for polo.  They have specific designs for the sport.  Very low volume kayaks allow them to ride up on another boat and try to defend or steal the ball.  Also the bow of the kayak is round and forgiving, in case you get bumped into.



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U of O Graduation Weekend

Thanks to all who came out for a paddle during grad weekend!  Here is a group of 5 recent graduates who shared the big green canoe for a float on the lovely canal!

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Portaging a Canoe

This is good form on how to get a large canoe onto your shoulders.  Use your legs!

One its up on your shoulders, nestle the contour of the carrying yoke in to the most comfortable place, then you’re off!  This is a great way to carry canoes for longer distances.  Canoe Portages are typically measured in “rods”.  This is an Old English measurement that conveniently is about equal to a canoe length.  16 1/2 feet.   Our portage this day was about 50 rods to the roof of a gas guzzling machine.  Historically used to measure land, 40 rods are equal to 1 furlong!  A furlong was considered the distance that oxen could plow a field without taking a rest.









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