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Catacanoe: a boat full of potential!


Catacanoe on the Willamette River.

There’s no better way to share in the experience of paddling then on a catacanoe.  This craft is steady and comfortable, yet easy to maneuver.  The best part is being in the same boat as the rest of your friends.  We have often floated along some nice waterway with a gang of six people on this boat! This one easily comes together with 8 bolts. The 2 canoes can be separated for individual use. The deck folds up nicely and doesn’t take up much room for storage. A catacanoe may be the only way for certain people to feel stable on the water. It’s also a great platform to fish from and even collect garbage from while cleaning up your local waterway!

6 people on the Catacanoe!
After a big cleanup.