Hourly Rentals

Our hourly rentals take place at Alton Baker Park during regular business hours.

Directions Here

We are open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11am-5pm.

Come down to the park by the well known duck ponds and get outfitted!

$12.00 per Hour per craft

More than 2 people in a boat?  Add $2.00 for each additional lifejacket.

To rent a boat you will need to supply your photo i.d. and fill out our “Assumption of Risk” form. You are welcome to fill out the form ahead of time and bring it to the park.  Also, if you would like to pre-pay with PayPal, you can do this at our Online Store.  Just bring the PayPal receipt with you to the park!










We round our hourly rate off per 15 minutes.